Do you wonder if your squeaking deck is safe enough for your toddler to play at? It may be the time for your old deck to be replaced. Poorly built decks can be hazardous; it can precipitate serious injuries. Most common reason for deck failure is poorly built decks. Uninspected deck owners should be cautious; decks which are not built according to municipalities’ regulations may not have a long lifespan.

Poorly built decks:

How do I know if my deck is strong enough?

Our first suggestion in efforts to find out your deck safety is to have the professionals inspect your deck and determine its safety. Doing so perhaps can save you money by prolonging your existing deck’s life. If you prefer to do your own investigation make sure you understand the procedure required for building a safe deck then check your ledger board, posts and footings and make sure that they are properly installed. If possible, check the flashing behind your ledger and see if it is properly installed or installed at all.

Old and damaged decks that should not be dared to fix!

Another reason for replacement may simply be that your deck is too old or too damaged to be consolidated; it needs a replacement from footing to decking.

What are the key factors affecting deck’s health? In our experience, we found these three factors to play a critical role in deck health.


Posts supporting your joist and decking is extremely damaged. In the older days, posts were not required to be supported with concrete and gravel footings. Building regulations in most counties precepts builders to use the procedure. Concrete footing preserves the post health and therefore makes it more durable against water.


Number one reason for deck failure in the United States is the ledger board. Ledger boards are boards that are attached to your home to support your deck. Typically, boards failure happens when the outer beam is not correctly attached to the ledger board; or the bolts holding the beams loosen over time.

Another connection problem may occur due to the joists. Joists are woods that are placed on your beams; joist is the base for your decking. When joist is not supported enough with posts or has lost or wrong materials, they can also be very hazardous.


Less likely than posts and connections, the railing can also be very hazardous. Most of the time it is your railing post that fails. Check your railing posts and make sure the posts are installed using proper materials.