Rotted posts and shaky railings? Maybe it is time for a new deck. Whether you are interested in a simple, single layer deck or you want to spend less time on the maintenance and have a composite deck, NOVO Decks can do it for you.

When is the time to replace your deck?

The deck posts are rotted: Most common in decks built in the old days when the practice of setting the post on concrete was not being practiced.

Shaky railings: Bolts holding the railing tend to get loose by time. This may be due to not conducting best practices, or simply your deck has completed its time.

Your deck is not strongly attached to the ledger board: Ledger boards are used for decks that are against the house. These boards support the attachment of the deck. Ledger board failure can create a major hazard for your home and those you care the most.

Or simply you got tired maintaining your old deck!

Screened Porches

First impressions are important and that is exactly what your porch provides. Your porch is the transition from your home to the outdoors. The aesthetic look of your porch will add value and improve the look of your house. Porches create an additional entertainment area; you can gather your family, friends or neighbors to have a fun get together.

Your porch does not have to be the space for only sunny days. More people consider having an enclosed porch.