We are all tirelessly waiting for those hot summer days to lay on the chaise lounges beside the pool, sipping on an ice-cold beverage. The good news is that summer is on its way!

As you are yearning, you remember how your deck looked last year. As with other homeowners, you think that your rusty deck will require a serious repair for what is left out of it or possibly consider having it rebuilt.

Here are couple aspects that most homeowners struggle, considering these aspects will lead you to make the right decision this summer!

Aspect 1: What is it going to be?

The decision, whether to repair or to construct a new deck is a tough one. Especially considering the large amount money you will pay for either option. Based on my experience with my clients, the decision must be made upon one criterion, do you have the time to repair and maintain your deck?

If the answer to above question is no, then you should probably consider having it redone.

Aspect 2: Select your material.

Now that you are ready to get this deck renovated. The next step is to decide which deck material to use. Once again when you are making your selection, consider how much time and money would you want to allocate for its maintenance.

Material Maintenance level
Wood High
PVC Medium
Composite Low

If you absolutely do not want to do any maintenance, choose composite materials. This deck building material is the mixture of wood and recycled plastic fiber which slows down any erosion.

These materials were recently introduced to the market, builders and the customers do not base their experiences for short period of time. Understanding these concerns, manufacturers of composite decking sell these materials with much longer warranties, mostly 25 years. The warranty also covers staining and fading. Now, this perk certainly will be part of your all-natural wood product purchase.

Aspect 3: Consider your layout.

The overall look of your deck should be considered in two different aspects; layers and railings. They equally contribute to the final look of your new deck.

Having a multi-layer instead of a single layer deck will not only be more appealing, it will also allow you to separate your decks into sections such as dining area vs rest area.

Railing can be optional, depending on your household needs. You should certainly consider having railings if you have small children. If, however, you don’t have such concerns, you may consider not having the railings which will provide a much spacious backyard as well as it will add to the overall aesthetic of your house.

Aspect 4: Consider having a Pergola for its main purpose and …

Finally, decide if want to add a pergola to your deck. Pergola is mostly considered as a sun protector especially in the backyard with less natural shades. When designed nicely, they will add value to your house and protect you and any materials placed underneath.