Lately, you noticed that your deck started to look battered. Before you start your project, please make sure you are sure your deck’s main structure is in a good condition. If you want to learn how to check out our article on how to inspect your deck. “When is the time to replace your deck?”

Your deck is in a good structural condition and now you want to make it look clean and maintained. Now, where do I start?

Three things are required for wood deck maintenance: cleaning, staining and sealing.


If you think deck cleaning will be the easiest part of all, think otherwise. In fact, cleaning most likely will be the toughest part; you should at least allow 4-8 hours as prep time before staining.

Start your cleaning by sweeping your deck, making sure the decking is in good condition and no pieces need a replacement. Once you remove all the debris and residue Apply your wood stripper, allow it to sit for 10 minutes and make sure that it does not completely dry. Once ready, wash the area with the pressure wash. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours. Next, Apply your wood whitener. Same as the stripper allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Grab your bristle brush and brush the areas which stain was absorbed deeper. Then wash the area with the power washer.


When your deck is completely dry, you can start applying your stain. Deck wood stains have different levels, from clear to solid stains, depending on how much you want to reveal the wood’s character you will have a variety of choice. Keep in mind that more solid your stain is better UV protection your wood will receive.

Start from a convenient corner and apply a thin coat of stain. Use a paintbrush for areas which requires attention.

Now your deck is as good as a brand new one. Now what? Be sure to stain it at least 2-3 years, more often if you are living in extreme climate. Check the health of your seal at least every 3 months. Splash couple drops of water on your deck and watches if it absorbs it quickly if it is it is time for your deck to be sealed.