Get your Backyard Summer Ready

//Get your Backyard Summer Ready

Get your Backyard Summer Ready

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Finally, we left an extremely cold winter behind. We loathed not being able to enjoy the outdoors as much as we could instead we stayed indoors. Now it is time to get the best out of what the season offers us. First, let’s make sure everything is well maintained and clean!

Safety first:

For the safety of your household please make your deck is safe and if required conduct the necessary maintenance. When assured that your deck is in great shape, you may consider doing your yearly maintenance such as cleaning and staining. As this will prolong the life of your deck it will make it look nice and maintained.

If you have not cleaned or stained your deck before, check out our article on “Tips on How to maintain and Preserve your Deck” and learn how!


Getting rid of extras:

Have a garage sale this year. Try selling items you and your family do not want keep around anymore. If you can’t find a buyer for them try to give the items away or donate to charities.

Gutter and downspout cleaning:

Crucially important! Unmaintained gutter and downspouts can cause major damages to your home. It can deteriorate your foundation, damage fascia wood, and your landscape. Clean the leaf out of leaf screen on top of gutters check your gutter drops and down sprouts make sure they are not clogged.

Get your glasses cleaned:

Clean glasses will spark your house from inside and out. Try making your own glass cleaner at home or use products such as Clorox Glass Wipes or Windex to making the cleaning quick.

Homemade Glass Cleaner:

Getting your backyard in shape a must but most importantly try to have the best out of the beautiful weather with your loved ones and create memories.